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Over 25 years I have been traveling to Asia, partly on business, partly privately.

More than 20 years ago I started getting interested in antique Buddhas from Thailand as an enjoyable result of these trips.

First of all reading the respective literature, then getting involved with the objects at their origin I felt reconfirmed, that they were something really very special. Already in the beginning I was fascinated by the age specifications of these figures, and which were given to me by real Buddha–Experts in Thailand. It was almost unbelievable for me that, with one or the other figure I would hold a piece in my hands dating back to the 19th, 18th or even 17th Century. This was proven to me by corresponding certificates and experts. Sometimes in Antique Books too.

Buddha - faces always characterize themselves by a specific straightness or softness. There’s always a certain expression on a Buddha’s face. You will develop the feeling – or in other words the sensitivity to judge whether you like or dislike one or the other. And this only by looking at them.

When you get involved more closely and more detailed you will feel, that there’s something charismatic coming from a Buddha-Figure and from it’s face. It has nothing to do with superstition; it is just a good and comfortable feeling, due to a fascinating aura.

Initially, at the beginning, I did not have enough money to buy such a Buddha-Figure - not even a Buddha’s Head.

The first Buddha I could afford was made out of marble and approximately 10 cm high. In 1980 I had watched a Thai grinding this Buddha from a small marble block by hand. - This kind of piece is called “replica” or reproduction. Nevertheless I bought this figure at that time and was proud to have the first Buddha of my own. - I would never sell it again.

At the beginning of the 80s the passion to collect these items started with me and some friends. After all almost only sitting Buddha caught my interest. At first I focused on Buddhas made out of bronze. To find a figures called “silver heads” (head made out of silver) was an absolute rarity.

My first bigger investment was a sedentary Buddha dating back to the 18th century (Chan Period) all of silver with a patina according to its age.

Only I have almost exclusively fallen for the Chan Period which was between the 17th and 19th century. I can not explain the reason why, because it’s sometimes not possible to interpret sentiments. And for that reason one shouldn’t reflect on it any further and except the feeling as it is.

My today’s collection, which I complement ongoing for 20 years now, has partly remained in Thailand, partly at my home in Germany.

Many of my friends and acquaintances have asked me again and again to find one ‘Buddha as well for their home. Therefore, in the course of time, a couple of friends possess at least one antique piece or even a collection of their own.

Some time ago I started to sell pieces from my collection.

Especially for this purpose I have developed this webpage. The idea is to give you the possibility to have a closer look at some treasures of my collection.

If you are interested in one of those pieces, which I am going to sell, kindly let me know.

Please enjoy looking at them.

Werner Kuenstle




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